Employers, do you seek talented and devoted workers who are also committed to sobriety? If this describes you, then the Employer Portal for Sober Jobs is the ideal resource for you.

Employer Portal for alcoholic Jobs is a free service that connects qualified alcoholic job seekers with employers. Our database of job-seekers is continually expanding, and it includes a wide variety of industries and positions.

Create an account and post your job listing to get started. Then, we will distribute your job listing to our network of recovering job seekers. We also provide the following additional services to help you identify the ideal candidate:

  •     Resume evaluation
  •     Help with interviews
  •     Background reviews

We recognize that employing a sober employee is advantageous for your business. Employees who are sober are more likely to be dependable, productive, and have a positive outlook. They are also less likely to leave work or call in ill due to substance abuse.

Employer Portal for Sober Jobs is the ideal solution if you are seeking to enhance your company's culture and bottom line. Register today to discover competent sober job candidates!

Employers seeking competent sober candidates will find the Employer Portal for Sober Jobs to be an invaluable resource. The portal is user-friendly and provides a variety of features to assist employers in finding the ideal candidate.

Here are some additional advantages of employing sober workers:

  •     Reduced employee absenteeism and churn
  •     Increased efficiency
  •     Enhanced morale and efficiency
  •     Improved security reputation
  •     Decreased liability

Check out the Employer Portal for Sober Jobs, if you are an employer. It is a valuable resource that can assist you in finding the ideal team member.